SmallBiz Lady University

The Ultimate Guide to Email Marketing

with Melinda F. Emerson, MBA

Week 1


The Set Up

Week 2


How to Build Your Email List

Week 3


Write Emails that Sell

Week 4


Email Marketing Do's & Don'ts

Week 5


How to Build a Sales Funnel

Week 6


Drive Traffic to Your Business

Here's what you'll get from this six-week course:

For just $995, this comprehensive course will help you leapfrog pitfalls and move straight to success as you use email marketing to grow your business. Attendees will learn practical tools, tips, and proven online marketing techniques that lead to sales. This course covers all facets of email marketing from the basics set up to the advanced use of sales funnels. Invest 18-hours to learn ninja skills that will drive revenue, brand loyalty and earn your small business customers for life.

Week 1: Everything You’ll Need to Get Started with Email Marketing

Week 2: How to Build a Powerful and Effective Email List

Week 3: How to Create and Send Emails that Sell

Week 4: How to Avoid Pitfalls and Run Successful Email Campaigns

Week 5: Building Effective Sales Funnels and Nurture Campaigns

Week 6: Proven Techniques to Drive Traffic to Your Funnel

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