I'm Melinda Emerson, aka "The SmallBizLady"

Hi! I’m Melinda F. Emerson, better known as the “SmallBizLady”; America’s #1 Small Business Expert.

For over 2 decades, I’ve been a media spokesperson, small business influencer, and internationally renowned keynote speaker on small business development, social selling, and content marketing.

I am the CEO of Quintessence Group, a marketing consulting firm that serves Fortune 500 brands that target the small business market. Our clients include VISA, Amazon, American Express, FedEx, Verizon, Google, Chase, Microsoft, Pitney Bowes, and Xerox.

I started The SmallBizLady University so that I could teach people how to start and grow a successful small business and learn the online marketing skills needed for success in today’s marketplace.

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